Dr. Bill Williamson | Professor of Technical Communication | SVSU


By choice, necessity, or accident, you have come to this web space. I am Bill Williamson (aka Dr. Bill, aka William James Williamson, aka W.J. Williamson), a Professor of Technical Communication in the Department of Rhetoric and Professional Writing at Saginaw Valley State University.

About this Site

Most people visit my site because they are enrolled in one or more of the courses I offer at SVSU. In addition to the materials I provide to students here, I offer information about my other professional commitments, and some personal content for those interested in such things. The site content is in constant flux, so if you are returning, note that there may be changes evident.

In addition, you may recognize that the site is rather simplistic in design. This is deliberate. The site is built on cascading style sheets using code from the html 1.0 strict generation. Because students may interact with this material from tablets and cell phones, as well as computers, I have kept the structure functional for a variety of browsers and contexts. As a result, this site is utilitarian, rather than aesthetically amazing. Despite the functional design, the site is also text heavy. When I teach web design, we are able to examine the advantages and disadvantages of these strategies.

Because I regularly focus on issues of accessible design, you might note that this site is almost 100% ADA compliant. (I know there are occasional anomalies that prevent me from claiming it is 100% compliant. Such artifacts are symptomatic of developing new site segments every semester, sometimes on the fly. But my goal is to meet accessible design standards whenever possible.)